Young Talent Program

Young Talent Program

Develop your career and realize your potential with Bora

At Bora, we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where young professionals can thrive and grow. We eagerly anticipate welcoming more students to become part of the Bora family and embark on a rewarding professional journey with us.

We are excited to introduce the Young Talent Program at Bora Pharmaceuticals – designed for individuals keen on a dynamic and fulfilling career.

Participating in our program goes beyond gaining work experience; it means immersing yourself in an environment where academic knowledge is applied, collaboration with industry leaders is fostered, and contributions to cutting-edge projects are valued. The Young Talent Program reflects our commitment to nurturing talent with unparalleled opportunities for both learning and working within our esteemed organization.

Our program offers a holistic platform for exploration, connection, and professional development through initiatives such as corporate visits, job fairs, and hands-on projects. We invite passionate young individuals to consider joining Bora.

Embark on your journey toward a gratifying career by becoming part of our Young Talent Program at Bora Pharmaceuticals. We warmly welcome your enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and dedication to contributing to the innovative landscape of pharmaceuticals. Come, be a part of our collective growth, and let’s chart the path to success together!

Campus Recruitment

Talent is the most valued asset for the Bora Group, and the cultivation of multinational talent for globalization is one of the Group’s crucial operational policies. Through initiatives such as campus recruitment, Bora aims to welcome and assist ambitious professionals in achieving success in their professional careers, helping them grow into strategic planning and execution partners.


Campus Recruitment_Job Fairs

2024 Job Fairs

Join us at various job fairs this year as part of our campus recruitment series activities! Bora Pharmaceuticals is committed to connecting recent graduates and young professionals with rewarding employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

Job fairs serve as a crucial platform for individuals like you to explore and secure employment opportunities. At these events, we streamline the job-seeking process by offering on-site resume submissions, providing a seamless pathway for talented and motivated individuals to connect directly with potential employers like Bora Pharmaceuticals.

Step into a dynamic space at our booth, where you can interact directly with our representatives and gain valuable insights into available positions and our organizational culture. Beyond mere recruitment, these job fairs foster networking opportunities, allowing you to build valuable connections within the pharmaceutical industry.

2024 Bora Campus Recruitment_Poster
Campus Recruitment_Bora Company Presentation

Company Presentations

Bora Pharmaceuticals is excited to host several company presentations for students at different campuses this year. These presentations offer a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable insights into the organizational structures and talent needs of diverse companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Participating in these sessions allows students to engage in mutual communication and interaction with representatives from Bora Pharmaceuticals, fellow students, and alumni. It’s a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas and exploring potential career opportunities within our organization.

Corporate Visits

Bora Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to enhancing the academic journey of university students through our engaging corporate visits. These visits provide students with a firsthand experience of the multifaceted aspects of our enterprise, offering a glimpse into our vision, organizational culture, work environment, educational training initiatives, and industry standing.

Participating in our corporate visits not only broadens students’ understanding of our company but also exposes them to ongoing developments and prevailing trends in the pharmaceutical sector. By fostering interaction between students and industry professionals, these visits encourage students to delve deeper into the complexities of the job market.

Join us for an enriching experience that will expand your horizons and prepare you for success in your future career endeavors!

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Campus Recruitment_Internship

Bora Pharmaceuticals actively offers students valuable learning and job opportunities for those aspiring to gain hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical field. We eagerly welcome passionate students who are interested in building their careers within the pharmaceutical industry to consider joining Bora early in their professional journeys. At Bora, we are committed to providing a supportive and engaging environment where students can not only apply their theoretical knowledge but also gain practical insights into the intricacies of the pharmaceutical sector. Joining Bora represents a unique chance for students to contribute to meaningful projects, collaborate with industry experts, and cultivate the skills necessary for a successful career in the dynamic field of pharmaceuticals. We encourage motivated individuals to explore the rewarding possibilities that await them at Bora Pharmaceuticals.


Technical Professional Development

We invite recent graduates from master’s programs with a strong passion for the pharmaceutical industry and a willingness to take on challenges, or professionals who have graduated within the past two years. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, you will learn the entire pharmaceutical process. Join us in dedicating efforts to safeguard public health. Welcome to be part of our team as we embark on a global journey with Bora, showcasing the world the pharmaceutical solutions we offer! (The latest information will be available soon, stay tuned.)


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