Corporate Governance Officer

Corporate Governance Officer

(I) Appointment of Chief Corporate Governance Officer

The Company continues to promote and implement corporate governance to enhance the functions of the Board of Directors and safeguard the rights and interests of the shareholders. The Company has, before the mandatory requirements, passed a Board resolution on March 30, 2021 to appoint CFO Alice Wang as the Company’s Chief Corporate Governance Officer, the highest ranking officer in charge of corporate governance related matters. Ms. Wang has more than 3 years experience heading the law, finance, stock affairs or corporate governance related matters units in public companies, and hence meets the qualifications of a Chief Corporate Governance Officer.

(II) Scope of duties and powers

Main duties include supervising and executing the establishment and operation of corporate governance related rules and regulations, including handling of matters relating to Board of Directors meetings and shareholders meetings in compliance with law, reviewing and preparation of minutes of Board of Directors meetings and shareholders meetings, assisting in onboarding and continuing education of the Directors, providing information required for performance of duties by the Directors, and assisting Directors in complying with the laws and regulations, etc.

(III) Ongoing item

Corporate Governance Function - Training

Course NameCourse HourTotal Hours
Business resilience, Taiwan’s competitiveness312
Seminar for 2023 transition finance and
How business reacts to international
anti-avoidance rule
How to correctly understand corporate
governance evaluation indicator

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