Risk Management

Risk Management

Bora Pharmaceuticals identifies risk patterns from the perspectives of each unit and reviews the operational scenarios of each department to evaluate main risk types which are then compiled into corporate-level risk categories. We then assess the materiality of these risks on corporate operations, including financial impacts, impacts on corporate reputation, policy impacts and litigation risks, and technical substitutability.

We evaluate all risks from a sustainable management perspective and ensure that management guidelines have been established and adequate response measures are in place to serve as our main mechanisms for measuring risks. Our management guidelines include existing standard operating procedures and business continuity plans. Emergency response teams provide support for deficiencies, and the commander in chief is responsible for deploying resources to ensure appropriate distribution during emergencies for minimization of personnel injuries and property losses.

Risk Categories

Collaboration with External Units

To maintain sound interactions and relationships with external units, as well as management of possible information security impacts on our operations, we actively communicate with external stakeholders and collaborate with external institutes to obtain corporate information security information and share our business experiences so that our internal and external stakeholders can continue interacting with each other, thereby enhancing their expertise. Relevant associations and activities are listed in the table.

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