Bora Recognized at “2023 Most Outstanding Company of the Year Awards.” Ceremony Attended by President Tsai Ing-wen

Bobby Sheng and President Tsai Ing-wen

Taiwan, 8th December 2023: As being the largest pharmaceutical company in Taiwan, we are proud to announce that Bora Pharmaceuticals was honored at the “2023 Most Outstanding Company of the Year Awards.” The prestigious ceremony, graced by the presence of Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, recognized Bora for its exceptional contributions to the advancement of Taiwan’s biotech sector.

Meeting with Chairman of Bora Bobby Sheng, President Tsai commended Bora for its outstanding achievements in the global CDMO field. CDMO was highlighted as one of the main sectors, amongst many, in the biotech sector celebrated at the event.

President Tsai also acknowledged Bora’s commitment to innovation and the pivotal role it plays in the government’s strategic initiatives for the biotech industry. She highlighted the company’s contribution aligns with the overall industry trend and the market needs, particularly in supporting cutting-edge technologies and innovative services such as biologics, cell-therapy and global CDMO. President Tsai also expressed her gratitude to Bora Pharmaceuticals for its ongoing dedication and encouraged the company to continue providing valuable insights for the industry’s growth.

Bobby Sheng was chosen to speak on behalf of all the winners and highlighted many of the accomplishments of the Taiwan Biotech industry as well as the challenges Taiwan faces in the future.  He also spoke of Bora’s commitment to remain steadfast in its determination to build a world class Pharma company and to the success of Taiwan’s biotech industry.


About Bora Pharmaceuticals:
Bora Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 6472), established in 2007, stands among Taiwan’s largest pharmaceutical groups and holds the position of the country’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company by production capacity. Exporting pharmaceutical products globally in over 100 countries, Bora is dedicated to establishing itself as a worldwide leader in the pharmaceutical industry, consistently providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable services and products to its global customer. Contact us for more information.


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